Stelios Ioannou received the Higher National Diploma (HND) in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Higher Technical Institute (HTI), Nicosia, Cyprus, and in 2000 he transferred to the University of South Florida (USF) where he received a BSEE in 2002, an MSEE with Minor in Engineering Management in 2004 and a PhD in 2008.  Stelios Ioannou is a student member of IEEE.

Dr. Ioannou has held TA as well as instructor positions with the department of Electrical Engineering at USF since 2002. Highlights of his teaching achievements include excellent student evaluations, an Outstanding TA and Dedicated Instructor Award by the IEEE Student Branch at USF and a Provost’s Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Teaching Assistant.

Dr. Ioannou has also held research associate positions with the Clean Energy Research Center (CERC) and Unmanned Systems Lab (USL) at USF. His research areas are energy and power systems, modeling and simulation, characterization and evaluation of fuel cells, lithium and super-capacitor technologies, improved endurance and operation range of unmanned ground and aerial systems (UGV and UAS), lightning protection, insulation and thermal analysis of electronic equipment via a high current impulse generator. Highlights of his research achievements include a patent, best design project in electronics award, project poster presentation award and several publications.